Saturday, October 24, 2009

Double Digits Baby!!!

Hunter turned 10 months old yesterday and it's amazing to me how fast the time has flown. I know every parent probably says that, but man I felt like I just gave birth to him! Hunter took his first step at 9 months 1 week and just 3 short weeks later he is walking all over the house! He can pull himself up and off he goes! He now eats 3 meals a day along with puffs, cheerios, pea sized peaches, pears, and bread. Here is Hunter's schedule at 10 months old:
7:30-8 Hunter wakes up and drinks his first bottle
8:15-9:30 PLAYTIME!
9:30 Hunter eats 1st fruit, puffs and/or cheerios
10-12:30 Nap
12:30 Hunter drinks 2nd bottle
12:45-3 PLAYTIME!
3-3:30 1st veggie and peaches
4-4:15 Hunter drinks 3rd bottle
4:30-6 Nap
6:15-6:30 2nd veggie, peaches, and puffs and/or cheerios
6:30-7:45 PLAYTIME!
7:45-8 Hunter takes a bath
8-8:15 Hunter drinks 4th bottle
8:15 BEDTIME!!

Starting tomorrow, we are going to try and eliminate the 4pm bottle so he'll only be drinking 3 bottles instead of 4 in preperation of eventually eliminating the bottle at 12 months. I can't believe in less then 2 months I'm going to be a mom to a 1 year old!! We took Hunter to his first pumpkin patch on Wednesday and he had so much fun! He picked out his favorite pumpkin and we plan to carve it tomorrow night.

11 weeks down, 29 (or less) to go!!! The first trimester is almost over and I couldn't be more relieved! This pregnancy is going by so much faster then with Hunter. I guess because my mind is so preoccupied with running around after Hunter. The nausea comes in pretty intense waves, and the anti-nausea medication my doctor prescribed makes me sleepy so I have to be careful of when I take it. The nausea has made my appetite decrease alot so at my appointment on the 21st I had lost 2 pounds and my doctor wasn't too thrilled. I gained weight really slow with Hunter in the beginning, but between weeks 28-38 I gained about 15-18 pounds (the bulk of my pregnancy weight) so this pregnancy seems to be going on the same path. With Hunter, I felt the first flutter movements around 14 weeks and this time around with me knowing what to look for, I have already felt flutters low in my belly. It's such an amazing process to create a human being from scratch :)

Daniel switches back to night shift on November 2nd, (booo!!!) but once he goes back on day shift in January, I'm trying to plan an overnight getaway for the 2 of us to relax and enjoy our time together before baby #2 makes its' entrance into the world. I'm trying to enjoy every second of the next week and a half because I know when night shift rolls around we won't be seeing that much of each other.

53 days until Hunter's safari animal themed 1st birthday party!!