Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Showers bring May Lily's!

This past month has been busy busy for the Morrisons. We have been preparing for Lily's arrival while spending each and every moment available with Hunter. He has been my little sidekick for almost 16 months and it makes me teary eyed to think about sharing my attention between him and his sister, but I'm so much looking forward to the bond that they will share for a lifetime and to watch them grow up together.

I have been doing Lily's laundry for almost a week now. She had 5 (FIVE!!!) loads just for 0-6 months and that wasn't including her dresses for that size. I doubt she will wear the same outfit twice. lol Daniel just rolls his eyes and looks at me lovingly as I systematically fold her clothes and put them in her dresser. She also has a drawer that is dedicated to her accessories including socks (with frilly lace on the tops!), headbands, bows, pink blankets, and bibs.
I'm still in awe sometimes that I'm having a daughter. I've had 3 months for it to sink in now, but I still can't believe it some days...I count my blessings every.single.day. I won't lie though, I'm almost to the point where I'm miserable and I'm sure not the most fun person to be around. Between peeing every 20 minutes and tossing and turning at night because my hips feel like they are about to break, I just feel done and the only thing I want is to be holding my baby girl. It's hard to stay positive some days especially because Daniel is on night shift, but I have my end date in sight and I 100% know without a doubt that Lily will be worth all this so that keeps my hopes up. I can't wait to count her toes and fingers, to see if she has hair or not, to see if she looks like me or her daddy, and to see her personality develop as she grows. 35 days max to go....

Now onto my favorite little man. Not only does he look just like Daniel, although on rare occasions when he smiles he'll look like my side of the family, but he sometimes ACTS just like Daniel and it's SO funny! When Hunter does something that he knows he's not supposed to be doing such as climbing up on the fireplace, he will look right at me and give me this coy little smirk and then continue on to do whatever he wasn't supposed to be doing. Daniel gives me the same smirk and of course who can be mad at such handsome men and their smirks?! Another thing that they do similiarly is right before Daniel falls asleep his feet fiddle at the end of the bed against his blanket. I guess it's either a security thing or a routine he has just gotten used to but I tease him because while I'm trying to fall asleep I can hear his feet at the bottom of the bed and Hunter does the EXACT same thing while we read books in bed before we put him in his crib. He also does it when we lay him down for the night. They are so funny! Who knew these quirks were genetic?! :) He is growing up so fast, it's unreal to look back at all his newborn pics and think back to that time when he was that tiny. Craziness! He can now point to where his head, hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and belly button are. He gives THE best hugs and kisses and gives me so many cuddles throughout the day! His vocabulary has expanded in the past month too. He now says puppy, hat, na na (night night), and cup. I love watching his little brain in action!

Daniel has less then a month to go until he is back on day shift and I can't wait. I miss him at night and then miss him during the day because he's catching up on his sleep. Good news though is that once Lily is here, he will be off for 3 weeks for us to all bond together. I'm sooo much looking forward to this time. With Hunter, it was an amazing 3 weeks and I felt so much closer as a family. Having him home also helped me to recover fairly fast so I hope the same is true this time too.

I'm so in love with my family and can't believe in 35 days or less we will be a family of 4!!