Monday, August 30, 2010

The Good news is, we all survived....

August has been a rough month for the Morrison family. Our AC went out for 6.5 days and with 2 kids that was challenging to get through. Thank goodness for our family who helped us out to be the most comfortable possible in that situation. Our AC went out on a Wednesday...the motor had blown and had to be ordered since they didn't have any in stock. Which, strike number 1, who doesn't have a wide range of motors in stock in mid August?! Strike number 2 came when we were advised by the technician that came out on Wednesday that it would take 2-3 days. Ok not too bad, we could manage for 2-3 days since it happened on a weekend where Daniel was working so the kids would be out and about with the in laws. In reality it took 6 days. Strike number 3 occurred when I called on Friday to ask about the progress of the part and was told it would arrive on Monday. Is there I'm-going-to hurt-someone-unless-you-get-my-AC-working-ASAP strike number?! If there is, that would have occured on Monday when I called and the part still hadn't arrived. I'm pretty sure I was seeing red at this point. They had no sympathy for us when I was on the phone with the girl which made me even more upset. Tuesday our motor finally came in and the first technician arrived by 11am and got it installed. Not even 15 minutes after the 1st technician left, IT STOPPED WORKING! So we had to have a 2nd technician come out and put in another part and we finally got AC working the following Tuesday at 4:30pm. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I will never complain about being hot again because I had no idea before this experience. Good news though is that the adventure only upset me and Daniel. The kids were troopers from the beginning and they did great. Kids are so resilient.

Speaking of kids...I'm not going to lie. This month has been challenging. Hunter is starting to show signs of jealousy when I'm holding Lily and most of my nights alone with them consisted of sitting in the glider with Lily on my shoulder and Hunter on my lap, both crying off and on. Those are the nights where I think, mid kid meltdown, that if I had a camera in my house that no one would ever want to have kids. But by 8pm when both kids are on their way to la-la land I have all but forgotten the trying times of the day and start thinking about all the times Hunter made me laugh and all the gummy smiles I received from my favorite little girl. The good times outweigh the bad times by 10 fold (most days-thank God!) For example, all the effort that I have put forth to try and get Hunter to say Li-ly when talking about his baby sister, he points at her and goes "Waaaah, Waaaah" because apparently in his mind, she cries alot. haha! Whenever there is an issue with him, such as he drops something, or someone sneezes, or something is wrong in a book, he puts both hands on his cheeks and says in the cutest baby/big boy voice "Oh noooooooooo!" He's so adorable and is picking up on EVERYTHING. He pretty much tries to repeat everything we say, except for Lily...see above. :) In the past month he's become a snuggler x 391879487. I get hugs all day long even if they are because he's having a meltdown because I looked at him "wrong" or because I've told him "be gentle" after he has "patted" the dog just a little too hard. He is such a little character and although some days it seems like someone has stolen my sweet baby boy and turned him into spoiled little booger, he's mine and I'll always love him to the moon and back.

Now onto my sweet little diva. :) The older she gets the longer and longer her lashes grow just like Hunter's. I love their eyes. They are the most beautiful eyes I've ever looked at and they melt my heart with just a second's glance. Lily has turned into such a little piggie. She is drinking 3-7oz bottles and 1 8oz bottle right before bed. I don't think Hunter drank that much until he was 5-6 months old and she is not even 4 months yet. We didn't start cereal with Hunter until he was 5.5 months old, but with Lily I think we are going to start next month because she just eats SO much and sometimes acts like she is still hungry. She is such a happy little girl flashing me smiles, coos, and laughs allllllll day long, well that is until about 5:30/6pm. Then she can't decide whether to be sad, angry, or just plain pissed off about nothing. It breaks my heart because I do the checklist with her every night. She's fed, changed, no gas since she burps like an adult male, stimulated until she gets fussy, then I leave her alone until she calms down and every night without fail from 6pm-7:30pm she screams off and on. It's been especially stressful because Daniel is on night shift and most nights I'm alone to stick it out with her as she figures out the world. Daniel handles her crying much better then I do. Her cries give me anxiety from the very start. I don't care if she is just crying to cry, it bugs me because I'm her momma and I'm supposed to calm her fears and keep her happy. It's such a helpless feeling sometimes. We are very blessed that she is a very happy baby otherwise and I know at some point she will grow out of this and then I'm sure I'll think back and miss the days when she was this tiny. A big thing that happened this month with her though is that we got her ears pierced. I love them and think they look beautiful on her! We did have a little mishap with her left ear. The night after it was pierced the backing fell off while she was sleeping and by the time she woke up in the morning and I figured it out the hole in the back had already closed. =\ So we are going back tomorrow to get it re-pierced and if we have any more problems, then we will just wait until she is old enough to take care of them herself. Her right ear is healing perfectly and looks beautiful! She's gorgeous and I'm not just saying that because she is my daughter! ;) Love my 2 little ones so so so much and I never knew my heart could love so deeply.

Onto the fabulous news of August ending. Daniel is back on day shift....wooooot wooooot!!! I can not even express how excited I am to have my husband back home every night! I was getting so burnt out and it's so nice to have an extra set of hands helping out during the fussy evening period. Of course, I love having him home for myself too. :) I love our movie nights and sitting down to eat dinner together as a family. I've started my workout routine and for the first time since I got pregnant 2 years ago with Hunter, I ran 2 miles last Saturday and it felt wonderful! I love running and it's really an outlet of stress relief for me. Hopefully by the time our family pictures roll around in November I will be a little lighter and feeling more healthy. I have an ultimate goal to make by the time Lily turns 1, but I'm starting small and working my way up. Wish me luck because losing weight SUUUUUUCKS!!!

I have a great feeling that September is going to be a better month then August, but we survived and we are stronger for it!