Friday, February 12, 2010

We are so ready for Spring!

The Morrison family is ready for Spring. I'm ready to feel the warm breeze and be able to take Hunter for walks around our neighborhood without our noses and cheeks getting red and chapped. 35 days til Spring! Woo hoo!

As the 3rd trimester fast approaches, I'm getting so excited to meet my baby girl. We are buying the paint for her room on Tuesday before my OB appointment so I'm excited to start painting and decorating. I found a website that has all the crocheted headbands and beanies that I was looking for to make Lily's accessories and I can't wait until they arrive in the mail. I also found a tutu for $4 so I couldn't pass that up. I'm thinking she will wear it during her 6 month portraits with a pretty flower headband.

My "baby" boy will be 14 months old in a little over a week and I'm loving this stage the most so far. Even though he is testing his boundaries and learning the rules of the road, he is such a fun little man. He is obsessed with shoes at the moment.
He loves wearing them on his feet or carrying them around with his hands inside. Or he will even bring them to you so you can put them on. He's very helpful! He has also become best buds with Toby. Although Toby would rather be left alone on the couch, Hunter gives him hugs and likes to pat him on his back. We are currently working on teaching Hunter how to be gentle and that's when he started to give Toby hugs. :) When it's time to go bed after drinking his milk and reading a few books, we give him kisses and as I hold him on our walk to his bedroom, he pats me on my back while he lays his head on my shoulder. I feel at this moment every night that I did a good job that day and I'm rewarded by pats on the back from my little man. I just can't get enough most days. I used to not be a morning person, but he makes it worth it to get up in the morning. Although, I think he is taking after me because for several months now, I don't hear a peep out of him until 8:30. :) I can only imagine the different dynamic that adding another baby to the mix will bring, but I'm so much looking forward to 2x the kisses, hugs, and love.

I should find out on Tuesday when my scheduled c-section date will be so soon I will have an end date in sight and then the countdown will be on! :D