Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's the middle of June already (where did the time go?) and my baby girl just turned a month old. Oh, how the last month has changed our lives! She is such a blessing and gives us so much joy everyday. She is fairly laid back unless she is hungry, needs to be changed, or it's bathtime then she turns into a fiesty sassy girl! The hardest part about having 2 kids 16 months apart is the sleep deprivation. I never knew I could function on this little sleep day after day. Lily normally sleeps from 11-3 and 4-7 which would seem like pretty good stretches but she is currently in the bassinet right beside my side of the bed and is such a noisy sleeper. (Just like Hunter)As soon as I'm dozing off to la la land, she grunts, whines, or cries in her sleep and then I'm up checking on her to make sure everything is ok. We tried moving her to her crib, but I was in there every few minutes either putting her paci back in her mouth, shh shh shh'ing her to get her to go back to sleep, or putting my hand on her chest so she knew I was there. It was exhausting so we moved her back to our room for now...maybe we'll try again in a few weeks. Another difficult thing I have learned with 2 pretty close in age is that I can't get to both of their needs as quickly as I would like, especially if I'm in the middle of feeding Lily or if Hunter has a major poop blow out. I try to keep myself calm and tell myself they won't remember that I wasn't right there when they needed something and as long as I get to them as soon as I can then I'm doing a good job. Easier said then done when both of them are screaming at me. I know this will get easier as she gets older, but right now it gets very hairy sometimes! Last night after Daniel got home from work, I just hugged him and told him how happy I was that I got my tubes tied because 2 kids was PLENTY for me! :)

Next week I go back to work and I've got some love/hate towards it. On the one hand, I will miss my babies SO much I can already feel it, but out of the past 5 weeks I've gone on several 4-5 day stretches where I don't even make it out of the house to breathe fresh air. How sad is that?! I feel frumpy almost everyday because my hair is in a pony tail and I have my glasses on with pjs...ick. I'm used to straightening my hair, putting on makeup, and putting on some sort of clothes that don't have elastic on them so I'm kind of looking forward to that next week when I go back to work. I've also started working out and will start tanning pretty soon for a wedding in early August so I'm hoping to start feeling more like myself. The most exciting thing about next week though is that my baby boy will be turning 18 months old...1.5 years old...WOW!!!! I feel like I just gave birth to him! Which just confirms even more to me that I need to enjoy every second with my kids because time FLIES so fast! It's pretty sad and I wish I could just pause time.

Daniel goes back on night shift July 2nd and I'm already a little worried. I feel like I hardly see him anyways on that shift and with 2 kids to keep me busy I'm sure our opposite schedules will be a difficult adjustment. What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger, right?! Please say a prayer for me lol!

Here are some pictures of my 2 favorite little people!! <3>