Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is here!!!

Although the weather hasn't cooled down yet, I'm so excited that it's Fall! What I'm not so excited about is daylight savings time where we "fall" back an hour with 2 kids in November. That'll be fuuun, but Daniel says not to worry about things that I can't control. Awesome tip...if only I could follow it! Fall brings bright, colorful leaves, warm and plush sweaters, cool breezes, apple cider and hot chocolate...yummmy! Which brings me to Halloween. Hunter is going to be a fireman with his dalmation puppy trusty sidekick Lily Mack! I'm making her costume so I'm really using my creative energy this year! :)
My babies are 21 and 4 months old...they are so much fun! Hunter's vocabulary has exploded in the past month. My favorite thing that he says right now is answers us when we ask him a question. For example, if I ask him if he would rather have peas or corn for dinner, he will say "pea" or "cor" according to his tastes for that night. How cool is that?! We've gone 18-20 months with not knowing EXACTLY what he wanted because he would point and grunt and now he will actually tell us specifically what he wants...coolest thing EVER to communicate efficiently with your child. Which brings me to the most exciting news in Hunterville this month or the past week or 2 really. He has started to communicate when he has to go pee pee on the potty! I sat him on the pint sized potty one morning when he first woke up and he went pee. I think it was more coincendence that morning, but he stood up and said "pee pee" and we both stared at it and then I started doing the most bizarre off-my-rocker dance moves I could think of to get him excited about what he had just done. This past Monday he started saying "pee pee" all on his own and wanted to sit on the potty and viola he peed again all by himself! So I bought him some pull ups and some M&M's as a treat and for the past 3 days he's been doing awesome! Now he knows he gets "chaco" (chocolate) after he goes pee pee but not only does he want a "choco" but a "boo choco" which means blue M&M. LOVE him! He is seriously non stop chatterbox from the time he wakes up until the time he kisses us goodnight and is off to la la land. I stood outside his door the other night after I had laid him down in his crib and he was saying "mama night night, dada night night pee pee pee pee" and then of course "bob bob" because he loves Spongebob. It was like he was going over the days events in his head. He's such a funny dude to listen to when he doesn't know anyone is listening. :) I'm including a pic of his cute tushie running around after he had gone pee on the potty. I'm not putting the picture on FB because I don't want to totally embarress him, but I figure mostly my family and a few mommy friends read this blog so it's not so bad to show his's just so cute I can't resist! :)

Onto my Lily girl. God must have known the exact right fit for our family because this girl is it! Where we had our serious, very laid back observant little boy, Lily is the complete opposite in personality. She's the smiliest, happiest, most wanna-be-in-the-action kinda girl I know. She's gone almost a week with no major meltdowns during the nighttime which I'm hoping is the start to happier evenings. She smiles at most anything, but her most favorite activity during the day is watching her brother run, hop, skip, and jump around the room. She could watch him all day I think. It seriously melts my heart to see her so in love with him already. Her favorite person by far is her daddy. (which is the sweetest thing EVER!) Her smile lights up the entire room as soon as she lays her eyes on him. Seriously, I'm chop liver compared to him. When he walks through the door from work and Lily hears his voice she will turn her head completely around just to catch a glimpse of her daddy. She's developing quite the personality! She coos, laughs, babbles, and sings her way through the day. She truely is an amazing baby who has been on a consistent sleeping and eating schedule for months now. She takes 2 naps a day from about 9:30am-11:30am and 1:15pm-3:30pm and then sleeps 8pm-8am. Hunter was the same way so I have no idea what I did to get 2 AMAZING sleepers.! She's in love with her fingers and toes and anything else that she can get into her mouth. Hunter got his first tooth (2 teeth actually at the same time) right before he turned 6 months so I assume within the next 2 months we'll start to see some teeth on her. I can't believe this...what will I do when she is Hunter's age?

We are getting our first family of 4 photo taken in November and I'm getting so excited! The kids will also be getting single shots for their 6 month and 2 year milestones and some together as long as everyone cooperates. I can't wait!! We hired a photographer to meet us at Botanical Gardens so the colors should be gorgeous in the Fall. I'm used to JCPenney's pictures so this should be a very pleasant change and I'm so very much looking forward to it!

I've been working out/eating healthier for 5 weeks now and although I have no scale at home to use, I *feel* so much healthier and my jeans are looser so I know that I'm making some progress. I'm trying to focus less on the word "dieting" and more on the eating healthier because diet says to me "short term" where eating healthier means more of a life change to me. I really want to look good in our upcoming pictures and since I hate myself in pictures I'm trying to put in my absolute best effort. I hope it pays off. :)

One last exciting little tidbit. I'm getting my 2nd tattoo on October 8th. So very excited! The kids will be staying over with the in laws that night because Daniel and I both work that Friday and Saturday, but that night we would normally do a dinner date just the 2 of us to take advantage of the alone time. Next month though he will be holding my hand while I get a tattoo. :) I've always wanted something having to do with my kids and after 100% deciding that we are done having kids, I feel like now is the right time, plus it'll be my early birthday present. I'm getting 2 small hearts centered on my inner right wrist. The first one will be colored in a blue topaz and the 2nd heart will be colored in emerald green for the 2 birth months of December and May. This way if I need to cover it up for any reason I can wear a bracelet or watch, but it'll always be there to remind me of my 2 wonderful kids and how much I love them! I'm a little nervous about the pain, but I had 2 c-sections so hopefully this won't be nothin'! Wish me luck!!

Hope yall are having a great onto October, bring it on!!! :)