Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkins, Cereal, and Justin Bieber Oh My!!

October is half way over and whoo wee this month is flying by! We took the kids to the pumpkin patch today and they had so much fun...well except when we tried to put them on the hay. Ms. Lily screamed bloody murder...she was way too good for the hay. Hunter sat on it for a minute, but then the minute the prickles touched his sir, he wanted OFF! I have a feeling all of my pictures of the 2 of them together are going to be of one of them screaming...I just can't win with them at this age so I will just have to be happy with what I get. Atleast they will sit still for a minute so I can snap a picture! So off we went to search for our 3 perfect pumpkins. We chose 2 smaller ones for the kids and 1 large one to carve for Halloween. I love baby pumpkins. There's something so cute about the minature dimples and ripples and the petite stem.

They loved the hay.

The Morrison household is so excited for Halloween!! I've slowly been putting together their costumes and I'm so excited to see them both dressed up together. We are taking Hunter out to trick or treat this year and Lily will be following along in the stroller. It will be interesting to see how Hunter interacts with our neighbors. If I had to make a prediction, I would say that Hunter will be clinging to one of our legs and will not say a word much less trick or treat. That's ok...that's when I'll smile and have him hold out his pumpkin bucket so that mom can have candy to eat later on! I'm excited. :)

Lily girl has passed another milestone in the past few weeks. She's just growing up WAY to fast for me...I can see now why people just keep having more kids once their "baby" gets older. The difference with me is that I'm glad other people enjoy 3+ kids, but I'm certain I would go mad. Back to Lily's milestone...she's eating CEREAL!! woot woot! My big girl. She gets most of it in her mouth, well realistically it's about a 1/2 a spoonful each time...everything else gets pushed out by her tounge. Silly girl. I told her that in about 2 weeks she'll get to taste a variety of veggies so maybe she'll like those better. :) I'm not a fan of the texture of her cereal, oatmeal or grits. The last time I tried to eat grits, I gagged just from the texture in my mouth. YUCK!! Daniel says I'm un-Southern because of this. I just can't take me weird or un-Southern if you wish, but I'll stick with something that tastes good and has better texture. The stage that Lily is just entering is my FAVORITE! Honestly, I'm not a fan of the newborn stage very much. They stare at you while they poop, pee, and spit up all over you and even as a 5 month old they do this too, but the key difference is that Lily smiles or laughs her gummy gums off while she is doing it which make it all the more rewarding. They develop such a personality at about 5-6 months and make all the sleepless nights and endless crying worth it. I was driving the kids to the store this morning and got all teary eyed (like I'm doing now just writing this) when I looked in the backseat and saw my kids sitting there and wondered what I did to get so lucky. The love for them runs so deep and I can't believe that they are mine! Every smile, laugh, hearing Hunter say "Momeeee", and slimy kisses make all the stressful and hairy moments worth it. To this day, one of my favorite times of the day is at night after we've read books in bed and I'll pick Hunter up to go lay him in his crib and he wraps his arms around me and pats my pack. The other day he was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing so I told him "No" and he walked over to me and gave me a hug and patted my back! Gahh--how is he so good at buttering me up already?! I can't imagine the shenanigans that will be going on when Lily is his age. CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! :)

Before we go on, I must talk about my Bieber fever. Mom, if you are reading this, he is a 16 year old teenage heart throb. Remember how much I liked Backstreet Boys and N'Sync back in the day...its kinda like that but for 2010. :) I added one of his songs to my playlist because in the past few months Daniel and I have been cutting off the tv and turning on the radio more. This song came on and Hunter and I couldn't contain ourselves so we danced our tushies off. It was so much fun and reminded me of when I was middle school dancing with my friends like no one was watching. I think Hunter approved because he clapped and squealed at the end of our dance party. Don't worry, Lily was not left out...she jumped in her jumperoo, squeaked, and squealed right along side of us. We had way too much fun...too bad daddy missed out, maybe next time!

I'm excited for what November has in store for my family. Our family pictures take place, Lily will be turning 6 months old, and of course my BIRTHDAY!!!! Woot woot!! BUT I'm not excited at all for Sight Swift for Daniel. I don't even want to say it because it makes me wanna cry. I'm not looking forward to putting 2 kids to bed by myself and most importantly missing my hubs. *cry* I'm strong enough to do it, I just don't want to be. I want him to be here to bounce Lily on his knee during her fussy period and to sing his made up songs to soothe her. I want him to wrestle with Hunter before bedtime and blow raspberries on his belly to fill the house with laughter. It's.just.not.fair!! Say a prayer for me that my sanity doesn't leave me during the month of November and December!

One last note before I'm you know if you are reading this my blog is now private. I had an incident with a creepy creeperson so I decided it was best if I made this private so thank you so much if you sent me a message to be able to read this. I'm glad my mom isn't the only one that likes to hear me blab about my life + kids. Love you all!! XOXO! :)