Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Turkey Month!!

November has treated us well so far! We took our family pictures...aren't we pretty?! Lily turned 6 months old and dove into her half birthday cake with both hands and I'm surviving the days and nights of Daniel being on night shift. Thank you Lord! I just realized that we are almost 1 month in to night shift so only 2 more long weekends (which are the WORST!) to go and I'll have my hubby back.

Hunter is turning into a little boy and leaving his baby-ness by the waste side. *sigh* Man, when people told me time flies after kids, they weren't lying! I remember SO vividly the 1st moment I laid eyes on him as the doctor brought him around the sheet. Who knew that second of my life would change my whole outlook and my priorities so sweetly swift. I remember in an earlier blog about a year ago referring to him as my little man sidekick and thinking that it would change once Lily came along, but looking back on it, it hasn't changed...just transformed a bit. He has turned into a "slight" momma's boy and I'm SO fine with that...actually what mom wouldn't be?! He looks to me to kiss his boo boo's and doesn't mind when I get a little over zealous with my hugs and kisses. I love every single thing about him....I was being a creeper the other night while we were snuggled in bed reading one last book before bed because I could just not stop staring at him while he pointed at a ladybug and said "adybah". It's so crazy to think that me and Daniel made him and he came out p-e-r-f-e-c-t. It's truely a miracle. Good thing he didn't realize (or maybe he did and just wanted to let me be) that I was being a creeper...poor thing doesn't even get to read in peace. In just a little over a month, we will be celebrating him turning 2!! He is obsessed with a show on Nick Jr. called Wonder Pets so thats what we (and he) picked as the theme.
He was so excited when we got the decorations in the mail the other day...over the moon. He's also recently developed an obsession for Thomas the Tank Engine or just any train in general. The boy also loves trucks, cars, tractors, and any form of airplane/jet. Typical boy. :)

"Dadadadadadada" This is Lily's latest sound coming out of her TWO teefie gums. She is SO fun...sometimes high maintenance (but what daughter of mine wouldn't be?! ;))...but so very fun nonetheless! I only half kid about being high maintenence because sometimes she has to be entertained the whole time she is awake. If you aren't paying attention to her or waving a fun toy in front of her she isn't happy, but the second you pick her up and talk to her she is all smiles...coincidence?! No ma'am...that's ok...if *I* were a baby (and knew it) I would be driving my parents crazy. Now that I think about it, maybe I did the same thing when I was a baby. haha! :) We celebrated her sweet self turning 6 months old and it was so much fun. For her bubby, we had baked a 1/2 birthday cake so we had to do the same thing for our little girl. These 6 months have FLOWN's unreal honestly. She's making all sorts of sounds, sitting up unassisted, scooting all around our living room and just today pushed herself up on her hands and knees, but I'll just say for now that I imagined that part. *double sigh* I have to say I love this's just the beginning of my favorite memories with Hunter and I can only imagine her going through them. So exciting! :)

Christmas (CHRISTMAS!!) is coming up fast....and I can't wait! Two little ones running (or scooting) around has family memories written all over it! We are going to pick up our (real) Christmas tree the first weekend in December and I'm excited to decorate the tree with my 2 muchkins and hubs. Christmas music, hot chocolate, and sparkly ornaments gleaming off the tree lights...perfection! I've already shopped for the kids so now their presents just have to be wrapped...ahhhh I can't imagine Hunter's face on Christmas morning!! :)

One last little tidbit for this month. My little fireman did EXCELLENT during trick or treating, but HATED the pumpkin we carved. He'll love this picture when he is grown! :)