Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness

Today is March 1st and I can't believe in a little over 2 months we will be a family of 4. Madness! :) I can tell that the extra room in my belly is dwindling every day because Lily's limbs are starting to become more noticeable on the outside of my belly. She is such a fun nutball already, I can only imagine what she has in store for us after she is born. Daniel and I have been hard at work getting her nursery painted, decorated, and ready for her arrival. I think it turned out beautiful and I'm so glad it's done! I walk in there atleast once a day and can't turn off my smile because it makes me so happy.

Hunter has his 15 month check up this month and I'm so excited to see how much he has grown. I feel like he's gotta be atleast 25-26 pounds. He's such a solid little boy. :) About 2 weeks ago I remember calling my mom to tell her that I didn't think Hunter was "talking" enough compared to other babies his age. He would babble all sorts of vowel and consonant sounds and he would understand what Daniel and I were saying to him like "It's time to change your diaper" then he would run over to the changing table or if we said it's Milk Time, he runs over to his sippy cup, etc. Well, wouldn't you know the day after I talked to my mom, he has non stopped chatted our ears off. LOL! Isn't that how it works?! He's never really said mama and now he says it off and on all day long and knows exactly who he is talking about. :) He points to a shoe and says shu and when he is finished with a meal or his milk he throws his hands up and says All Duh which means All Done. He now says Moo when he sees a cow in a book and shakes his head back and forth while doing his version of neighing when he sees a horse. It's so much fun to watch his brain work and see it process new information. Oh I almost forgot...the cutest thing will be when I say where's baby and he will look or point to my stomach. Ahhh he melts my heart

The bad news about March arriving is that my other half who helps me out tremendously especially while pregnant will be going on night shift. :( I'm so happy that I have Hunter to keep me company and occupied while Daniel is gone and the best part about night shift is that shortly after it ends in 2 months Lily Mack will be here so it gives me motivation to get through night shift. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!

70 days or less until Lily is here!! :)