Friday, July 24, 2009

Friends, Fun, and the Sand

Hunter's 7 month birthday strolled around yesterday and I'm starting to feel like my little baby isn't such a baby anymore. He has started to crawl and shoots across the room so fast I can barely blink. He has even started to pull up on our entertainment shelves and almost gives mom a heart attack. If we didn't know when the right time to babyproof would be, now is the time!

Hunter has been making friends like it's going out of style. While most of his friends are girls, he is still a self professing momma's boy. He first met Aryanna when he was just a few months old, but they have grown to be best buds. They have met up at the park and at each other's houses to exchange information on how to drive their parents crazy :) Aryanna was born January 20th, 2009. Next, Hunter met Caitlyn which is my friend's daughter who just moved to VA from CT. Caitlyn was born on December 10th so she is an older woman lol Now that the babies are starting to get more mobile it is so much fun to watch them interact. Caitlyn and Hunter met at the library last Tuesday for a storytime date, but unfortunately Hunter was a grumpy pants because he hadn't had a nap. Hunter and Caitlyn are meeting up at the zoo on Tuesday. It's nice knowing other moms with babies Hunter's age. It helps to pass the time while Daniel is working and to help get Hunter socialized. The weekend of August 1st, Daniel and I are taking Hunter to Washington, DC to meet about 10+ babies that are all around the same age as him. I have been on the What to Expect When Your Expecting message boards since I first found out I was pregnant with Hunter. Those girls on December 08 are fabulous!!! I can't wait to meet them and their sweet babies.

So, I remember when I used to think that Hunter was a daddy's boy and I would have a hard time making him smile and getting his attention. Well, now I have no complaints :) Hunter reaches for me all the time, constantly smiles at me, and makes me feel like I'm one of a kind. He always looks for me if I get out of his eyesight and has actually cried when I leave the room. I now know what people are talking about when they say, be careful what you wish for. I feel like I can't get anything done because he requires so much more attention and interaction nowadays. I savour every minute of naptime lol :) Now don't get me wrong, I love him with every inch of my heart and I do not take any day for granted with him. He is officially my lil boy sidekick :)

Daniel and I took Hunter to the beach for the first time on Monday. He loved the sand, but didn't really like the waves or the water. I think the waves scared him and the water was much colder then his bath water. We would sit him down in the sand and his toes would start wiggling deeper into the sand and as I watched him all I was wondering was what was going through his brain. It must be so neat to be a baby and discover things for the first time. Next thing I knew he was trying to take a nose dive in the sand to get as big a mouthful as he could. Luckily, I was able to catch him and sit him back up, but after that his hands were constantly going up to his mouth with handfuls of sand. I love being able to share these firsts with him.

Daniel and I have our monthly date day planned for August 9th. I can't wait!!! We are going to Busch Gardens (an amusement park) for the whole day. Last year at this time when I got the free tickets from my job, I was pregnant so we didn't go because I didn't want to walk around in the heat and not be able to ride any rides, but this year I'm going all out!! I want to ride as many rides as I can as many times as I can and scarf down on some delicious amusement park food! MMM MMM MMM
Ya know I always have to end my blogs on a sappy note, haha!!!
Hunter has taught me so many things since I had him. He has taught me to stop and smell the roses (or to try and eat them) and to just enjoy each day. He has taught me patience and how to love completely unconditional. He has made me realize how selfish of a person I was before he came into my life. He has taught me how to laugh at myself. He makes me feel like a supermodel when he looks up at me with his big brown eyes and can't seem to look away. He has taught me how to love his daddy more then I ever thought possible. I stare in amazement at him some days because I never could have imagined a baby would have had such an impact on my life already. <3


  1. I'm glad we ended up moving to VA and are so close to you guys! We really, really need to hang out more than once in a while!

  2. I'm so jealous you're going to DC!! I seriously could cry about it. I'm hoping that we can do a Vegas meet up next!! that's right by us.


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