Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunny days in VA!

Our life is getting more and more fun each month. Hunter continues to amaze Daniel and I with everything he is accomplishing. He pulls himself up to a standing position and will stand all by himself for longer periods of time. I can see it in his face that he wants to walk so bad so we continue to walk everywhere with him (while he holds our fingers). I definitely think he'll be walking in the next few months! Hammy boy LOVES food...he will eat almost anything we give him. He loves drinking out of his sippy cup and hopefully the transistion to removing the bottle by 12 months old won't be too hard. His top 2 front teeth finally popped through this past week and they are growing in so fast! I can't wait until they show up in pictures when he smiles. I bet he will look so much older with his front teeth chompers in. I am slowly starting to plan his 1st birthday party. I'm still in denial that the celebration is in less then 3 months. I really can't believe it. Where did my little baby boy go? He's grown into a rough and tumble infant soon to be toddler. Each stage is more fun then the last I think and he is such a joy to our lives. I have no idea how I lived before he existed. I think because we got so lucky with Hunter and his incredible sleeping habits and amazing temperment, this 2nd baby is going to give us trouble lol. Like the song says, whatever happens, won't last for long so I'm going to try my hardest to enjoy every second since baby #2 is our last baby. Kinda makes me sad to type that out. :( Now that Hunter's 1st birthday is fast approaching, that means that the holidays are almost upon us. I have figured out that the holidays are SO much more fun now that we have a child. I can't wait to start family traditions with him and our next baby. Ahhh I can't believe I have my own little family, it's incredible! For Hunter's 1st Halloween, he is going to be a scarecrow and what a cute scarecrow he is! (Pics coming soon) I can't wait to go pick out his first pumpkin and watch as daddy carves a funny face into it. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and especially Christmas now that he'll be able to tell what's going on more this year. (Last year he was 2 days old lol) I would just like to pause time for a little while to enjoy all these little moments, pretty please?!?

My first prenatal appointment went great. It was nice to see my OB again and to start this journey again. We got to see baby bean and hear the glorious sound of his/her heartbeat, it was amazing!! It made everything feel that much more real! I asked for some anti-nausea medication because I have been sooo much more nauseous this time around and it's pretty difficult to chase after a 9 month old while feeling nauseous 24-7. The anti-nausea medication is AMAZING and I feel so much better. We have already picked out names and if we have a boy he will be named Colby Allen and if we have a girl she will be named Lily Mackenzie. We love the sound of both of those names and think they go great with Hunter. I hope I'm able to love both the kiddos the same and be able to spread the love evenly. I love Hunter SOOOOO much, it's hard to imagine loving another baby as much as I love him, but I'm sure everything will come just as natural like they did with Hunter.

My new work schedule has started so now I'm off Sunday-Wednesday and I absolutely LOVE it!! I love being home with my baby boy and to be able to cook dinner for Daniel so we can all sit down and eat together. I can't believe I'm this lucky!

We go to Hunter's 9 month appointment tomorrow, so I'll update his stats then! I can't wait to see how much he has grown!

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  1. yay for feeling better :) and i love love your names


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