Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Half way to a year old!!!

Yesterday was Hunter's 1/2 birthday. We celebrated his milestone with 1/2 of a birthday cake that was decorated by me and Daniel. I also wanted to celebrate it because I think Daniel and I have done a great job of raising Hunter for his first 6 months of life...we actually survived the newborn stage. lol I feel like since having a baby, Daniel and I have become an even better team working together to make sure Hunter's needs are taken care of.

Hunter had 2 teeth pop through on the bottom right before his 6 month birthday. So far, teething hasn't been too bad. The extra fussiness only lasted a couple of days, then the teeth popped through and he has been fine ever since. Other milestones include sitting up by himself for long periods of time and he now rolls from back to belly all the time. The only problem with these accomplishments, while I'm estactic that he is growing up, it's bittersweet because he doesn't seem to want to be held most of the day. He would rather be sitting up on his own or in his jumperoo. Hunter has started to notice our dog Toby and he will sit and laugh hysterically as Toby walks by. It's so hilarious...I wish I had Hunter's sense of humor, my life would be much simpler. I have a feeling as Hunter gets older and is able to run around with Toby they will become best buds. :) Today when I went and picked Hunter up after he woke up from his nap, we both sat in the glider and stared out the window as he non stop chatted my ear off. He'd put his fingers in his mouth and blow, getting spit everywhere, then he would take his fingers out of his mouth and rub the baby goo all over my face kind of like "Here mom, these are so much fun". Then he snuggled into my chest and gave me the sloppiest kiss when I least expected it and it made my day. These are the moments that make me LOVE being a mom and make all the frusterating times disappear.

We are getting ready to start vegetables this week. I think we may start with carrots or squash first...I'm so excited to see how he does with different foods and sad all at the same time. Time really flies and I'm trying to soak up everything that he does because it seems like everyday he is doing something different and cooing a different sound. It's such a miracle that he is in our life and I'm in awe everyday of the things that he is capable of. I LOVE MY BABY BOY!!!!!


  1. You write the sweetest blogs ever :) And Hunter's 6 mo. pics are just adorable!!!

  2. Happy Half, Hunter!! It's so crazy how fast our babies are growing!!! Are you going to the DC meetup?

  3. Yes! Hunter and I will be at the meet up! What about you?

  4. I couldn't agree more about the bittersweet!

    We have a Toby too, and he's starting to realize Abigail is going to be his bestfriend now that she is starting solids. I guess it doesn't help when I let him lick her cereal bowl leftovers. So much fun!


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