Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Night shift stinks......

On July 3rd Daniel will start his night shift for 2 months. He will be working 6pm-6am and unfortunately we are pretty much on the opposite schedules when he works this schedule. He only works 15 days out of the month so it's not so bad...I know, I know...cry me a river right? haha...it really does suck though. Even on his days off, his schedule is screwy because he's trying to catch up on sleep. I miss him alot on this schedule, but I know the trade off is he doesn't work 15 days out of the month and he will switch to day shift in September...it seems so far away, but I know Hunter will keep me plenty busy. We are extremely lucky in that my mother in law watches Hunter while Daniel and I are working. I can't say enough how much I love that she is able to watch Hunter and makes me feel so confident and secure when I have to leave for work. I was a daycare baby because my mom was single and had me and my brother to care for so we are very blessed that we have her to take care of Hunter and we also save a ton of $$$. I'm hoping to get new hours in my job that will allow me to work 3 days a week instead of 5...still waiting on the final word, but hopefully soon my hours will change.

Ohhh, so onto my favorite subject!!!! :) Hunter continues to find ways to melt my heart everyday. He has started to lift his arms when he wants to be picked up and I think it's the sweetest thing to be the "favored" lifter of Hammy. Although he does it to anybody that walks by lol, when he does it to me, he looks at me with his big brown eyes and just gives me this grin like he knows I'm his mom. I freakin' love it! How did I get so lucky? Also, there have been several times when I'll go pick him up from his crib and he is up on all fours rocking back and forth, back and forth. I swear he is going to be crawling pretty soon...he just hasn't figured out how to move his limbs in unison to get himself forward. He pushes himself backwards while on his belly and he will scoot himself forward, but hasn't figured out the crawling concept yet. I think it's time to babyproof the house!


  1. The shift work sucks, I cannot imagine!

    DH might be getting laid off Aug7th, final word is still out. I told him I was not moving again. So if he must take another job elsewhere, then that's the sacrifice we'll make. I'd hate him not being here during the week...blah, starting to rant.

    Just be grateful that you both have jobs in this crappy economy and that you do have each other, your LO and MIL!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that Jill. I will keep him and your family in my thoughts and I'm sure things will work out. You are definitely right about being grateful for having 2 jobs...we are very lucky. <3

  3. Don't worry... we will be lonely together! Joel will be gone Aug-Oct most likely. I don't know how I'm going to survive. Be sure to check in on me every now and then to make sure I'm not too depressed!

    If you ever need me to watch Hunter, I'd be more than happy to! We need to do date nights & switch off the kids... that way we can spend more time with our husbands since we have to miss them so much while they're out to sea and on night shifts!

  4. Oh, and you'll have to teach me how to make pretty backgrounds & add pictures to this blogger thing!


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